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You THINK You’re Building My Church

Words whispered in my heart. You think you are building my Church, w ith all your hectic activity. But in reality you are not helping me at all. You are hindering my true work on earth. All I want,  All I need, Is for you to c ome and stand  at the foot of my Son's Cross. Let the fire of His Love  p ierce your heart, t ransforming you into   His Presence on  Earth .

God Is Working Under My Radar

   I am compelled to write about a deep paradigm shift that Is happening inside me that is in the realm of the experiences described in “The Cloud of Unknowing”  because I am completely  clueless about this inner work.  All of God's work is happening under my  radar. until something triggers tears which seem to pop up from no where. No room for pride here. It is all about Him and He is probably keeping me in the dark because I would just get in the way. Just typing these words brings tears to my eyes once again. I am not exactly sure what is going on in my spirit and soul but I do know that a huge shift is happening. When I stop for a moment , my shoulders sag as  warmth floods my heart AND my body. I am aware of God’s presence. All I understand cognitively is that God is at work within me and I could break down and weep in gratitude for answered prayers. I have longed for such intimacy for   decades, not days or weeks or even a few years but for a few decades I have worke