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The Face Of Mary?

Apparently this rather piercing painting of Mary is a forensic artist’s rendering of  the Virgin Mary  based on the image of our Lord on the Shroud of Turin, in combination with a painting by William-Adolphe_Bouguereau.  Maria (accurate face matching the Shroud of Turin)   by  JulienLasbleiz   Digital Art  /  Drawings & Paintings  /  Illustrations  /  Technical ©2011-2013  JulienLasbleiz This image is a t ribute to one of my favourite painter William Bouguereau. This painting of Maria the virgin has been done in photoshop. The project was to paint an accurate face of Maria, matching the Christ’s face in the “Shroud of Turin” Since the Lord was the biological son of the Theotokos alone, any physical features of his face would have come directly from her. His eyes would have been her eyes. His face would have been a masculine version of her face.  read More>