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Bloggers are Writers Too: On Real Life Radio

The week before Mother’s Day, Allison Gingras hosted five Catholic Women Bloggers to bring an awareness about a new type of Catholic writer.  Bloggers are real writers, she stressed,  they simply use a different medium to reach the public with their message. Allison is the host of a  10 a.m. weekday talk show called  A Seeking Heart  with Allison Gingras .  continue

Coming Soon- Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood

I am part of an upcoming anthology of four other Catholic mums due to come out in about a month. All the women are great writers, each writing from a completely different perspective. Roberta Cottam is the creator and editor for this project. It started out as a project for a class but with her mother’s illness and the death of one of the contributor’s full term baby, the book was put on hold. Now Roberta is working on this book because she is passionate about it, working strictly pro bono along with designer Laura  Wrubleski.     continue reading