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Riding Your Dragons - Reflections for Challenging Times

A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras on Breadbox Media - is an 'on-air' book club - finding the best spiritual reading and sharing it with listeners as if we are friends around my kitchen table with a cup of our favorite brew!  On these episodes, I spent time looking at some of the challenges in our lives - family (everyone is related to or friends with an  Eeyore !); finances (shared another miraculous prayer answer); parenting and health issues.   To listen or for more podcasts visit :   ReconciledToYou  

Route 66 Travel Update: Maintaining Spiritual Momentum Beyond the Season of Lent

Happy Easter!   Christ is Risen!!  Victory has been Won! So what are we going to do next?!  We're going to Rome! ...along with Fr. Barron!  When I read the following message this evening from Fr. Robert Barron [concluding his "Lent Reflections" series], I couldn't help but think of our ongoing support group for "The Route 66 Challenge" & Way... Hope you, too, find his words to be encouraging!... Click HERE to Read More at The Way to Nourish for Life