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Pray The Rosary

Occasionally,  I post "unsolicited advice". I was told, after I turned 50 that I was old enough to give unsolicited advice, so I though - why not?! One of my favorite posts from last year that I re-blogged today is about praying the Rosary. When going through security, Sister Helena Burns was asked if she had any firearms or weapons, her response, "I'm wondering if I should declare my Rosary". HA... My unsolicited advice today – PRAY THE ROSARY! I have a special relationship with Mary. She has always been with me, since we met long ago. I needed a mother and she stepped in. Praise God!  And – Because I have an affinity with Mary, I love to pray the Rosary.  It helps that my birthday month celebrates praying the Holy Rosary. How lucky am I? For more, read  Unsolicited Advice - Vol. 5 - Pray The Rosary ! Blessings All, Emily

Deliverance 2014! (With the Help of Our Lady) Un-tied, Un-done...

Delivered... Because I'm truly Yours!   Thinking back, one year ago, January 2013, do you remember where you were in life; more-so, where you were in your prayer life? Surprisingly I do!  But this is because it involved a very special series of prayers for me (a “novena") dedicated to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots . So there I was, one year ago, on the 1st of January, Day 1, entrusting my very own ribbon,  with all its messy knots,  into the hands of our Blessed Mother.  And it just so happened at this same time, I was also reading Fr. Michael Gaitley’s “ 33 Days to Morning Glory ” (so good!) .   But what about these knots of mine? …Which one knot entangled my life the most?   It was a big one... ► Click HERE to read more at The Way to Nourish for Life including an Audrey Assad song .►