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A life near God is possible inside Hollywood? (Spanish) Vida con Dios... en Hollywood, ¿es posible?

#CualEsTuValor Eduardo Verástegui nos demuestra que en cualquier ambiente y profesión, Dios puede hacer maravillas a través de nosotros.Un testimonio excepcional  que vale la pena ver y compartir en este video exclusivo de VALORAR PLAY.

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Funny and Thoughtful TV {The Good Place}

This post is part of a series of #write31days October

Recently I have watched a few tv shows that deal with the issue of the afterlife.

TBH, I am profoundly intrigued by these issues. Recently, I decided to binge watch Forever and The Good Place. As the world knows I freaking love Fred Armisen, and I think the crowning achievement of Forever, other than awesome music, was seeing someone who never gets angry actually getting a little upset. Armisen is a calm, funny presence. When you see him get upset, his acting is at its peak, and I think this is because it is coming from someone who rarely actually gets mad like this. Hilarious to Watch -- it is good stuff. :)

In this post, I will mostly be talking about the show The Good Place. I decided to rewatch the first season, in an effort to describe what it is I like about this show.

8 reasons why I love this show:


1) it's deep

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