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Where is God in All This Chaos?

In these times of the Coronavirus, civil unrest, and injustice for the marginalized, we might ask, “Where is God?” How can so many people become sick and die without healing, in such a short amount of time? Why do looters and rioters wreak havoc in the dark of night, taking advantage of righteous causes? Why after 400 years, do we, as a nation, condone any form of systemic racism? When faced with the unfathomable, it is normal human nature to ask, “Where is God?” Why? Because we feel abandoned. And yet, it is not us who are abandoned, it is us who abandon God. Where is God? God is at the bedside of every person suffering from the Coronavirus. For those who die, He is there to greet them and bring them to eternal life. And, for those who recover, He heals them. For those who seek to wreak havoc, God weeps, as looting and rioting offend God. Such acts violate the Seventh Commandment. How so? Well, such actions seek to steal/destroy property owned by another. Why doesn’t God sto