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27 Mar 2017


Do you ever pray for dead relatives and friends?
Do you offer Masses for them?
Do you sometimes "speak" to them; perhaps in your thoughts?
Do you visit their graves?

Why do you do these things?

Where are your dead relatives and friends anyway?
Heaven? Hell? Purgatory?

If they are in one of these places then God has decided their fate anyway.
So why pray for them?

Your comments and thoughts are very welcome.

25 Mar 2017

Much Ado About Mary

Once upon a time there was an old priest who became rather forgetful and tired of giving sermons at Mass on Sunday.

He used to write down his sermons and then read them at Mass; but more often than not he used to forget bringing his sermons to church; so at sermon time he had nothing to read anyway.

He reasoned that if he had to write down his sermons in order to remember them, then how could the congregation be expected to remember them after leaving church.

18 Mar 2017

RICH MAN POOR MAN - How about you?

Do you consider yourself rich?
Well off?
Just managing?
How much should you give to the poor?
A lot?
A little?
As much as you can afford?
How much is that?
10% of your earnings?
Or, as Jesus says: "Sell everything and give it to the poor"?
I would really appreciate your views on this difficult subject.

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