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Forgive Injuries: Spiritual Work of Mercy That Heals

It is not always easy to forgive injuries, because we’re human and pain hurts! Yet, we are called by Christ to forgive in the same manner that He taught the Apostles to forgive when He taught them the Our Father: “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors” (Matt 6:13). To forgive then requires us to extend mercy and compassion. How so? Let’s use an example: A family crisis occurs. Tensions are high. A close relative makes a comment that cuts you to your core, causing you great emotional pain. It’s the type of comment that could result in the two of you never speaking to each other again, or at least not for several years. Anyone else ever experience this situation? I know that I can speak from experience: It happened to me. I couldn’t bring myself to be in the same room with this relative for about two years. Unable to forgive, I hurt deeply. Read more...

Admonish the Sinner and Remain Unscathed

How we communicate truth is the starting place for how to admonish the sinner while remaining unscathed. In this Year of Mercy, I write about a different corporal or spiritual work of mercy each month. This month we address the spiritual work of mercy to “admonish the sinner.” Perception of truth – wait a minute! Isn’t truth simply truth, and considered undeniable? Yes; but how we communicate the truth makes all the difference. If you come from the corporate world, like I did, then one of the first things you learned about dealing with conflict, is that... Read more...