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The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

Discover that the Bible is not a collection of unrelated books, but one story. When I was asked to review  The Great Adventure Catholic Bible ,  I had no idea what I could possibly say about yet another version of Sacred Scripture. However, Ascension press managed to surprise me from the moment I received my copy. I had to laugh as I worked my through the weatherproof outer layer, not one but two boxes, and bubble wrap before I could lift the lid off a third box, a protective dust cover. Ascension Press ships this Revised Standard Version/Second Catholic Edition as if it is a precious gem, as they should. continue reading

Another Stunning Video from Ascension Press

You may want to check out  this new video  on Christ's call to follow Him in the Gospel of John. It's a concept we dig into in our newest Bible study for parishes. You can find more details on the study with Dr. Edward Sri  here . It will be released this summer. We really hope it'll be a way for parishes to introduce people in small groups to the person of Christ as presented by John.

A Thrilling, Inspiring Video Trailer: Altaration

I shared a powerful video  by Ascension Press called " Will You Follow"  a few weeks ago. It is a dramatic, vocation video aimed at teens, part of a soon-to-be-released five-part series called Altaration designed to enliven teens with a love and enthusiasm for the Mass. This 3-minute trailer for Altaration is  extremely moving, thrilling actually. Mark Hart speaks in the power of the Holy Spirit. His words rang in my heart and lifted my spirits with fresh insights into the true meaning of the Mass. His words cast a fresh light on what is really happening on the altar and lit a new fire of love for the Father, Christ and the Eucharist within me . The video shows flashes of other young people and priests, real men, real role models who will appeal to teens. continue reading