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Aggressiveness and Arrogance - Not! Seek Gentleness!

When someone seems aggressive or arrogant don’t you want to run away as soon as possible? Aggressiveness and arrogance are unseemly; definitely not traits that draw people closer. So why are so many people aggressive and arrogant?   If you’ve ever been told that you come on too strong, then the virtue that you want to practice is gentleness. For when we seek gentleness, our entire disposition changes for the better. Seek Gentleness Gentleness is not only a fruit of the Spirit, but also the state of possessing a kind, amiable, mild-tempered nature, where one judges conscience by reason rather than by passion. Gentleness calls us to be prudent in forming judgments logically, rather than impulsively. Now, doesn’t that sound like a persona that you would be attracted to, rather than someone who is aggressive or arrogant? We could use more gentle spirits in our society today. Seeking gentleness within our own spirits is... Read more... 

The Sin of Judas or "I know best."

Judas Iscariot , a name synonymous with betrayal.   But the question that everyone wants the answer to is "why?"   There have been many theories over the centuries, to which I will add my own.   I think Judas thought he had it all figured out.  He was going to be the big hero of Jesus' Ministry and get the ball rolling.  The motive wasn't the money, the money was just the means to bankroll what he thought was going to happen.   He had it planned so perfectly.  TO READ MORE...CLICK HERE!