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Anyone who enjoys Contemporary Christian praise and worship music knows about Matt Maher. Coming on the scene in 2007, Maher has written and produced eight solo albums with three of them having reached the Top 25 Christian Albums Billboard chart; four of his singles have reached the Top 25 Christian Songs chart (Wikipedia). He was awarded the Dove Award this year for Songwriter of the Year and Best Song ("Because He Lives (Amen))" He is the only Catholic musician to have garnered such awards. Maher served for thirteen years as a Lifeteen music minister at St. Timothy's in Mesa, AZ where he met a certain Liz Corupti. Corpupti is now the director of the New Evangelization Worcester for Youth & Young Adults (part of the Worcester Diocese). She brought Maher to Worcester to enthusiastic crowds. This is the article I wrote for the Catholic Free Press about the Matt Maher concert at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA on Friday, October 16. The paper's editor attended

FOCUS on Friday, in February... For Life!

First, a little riddle:  What am I? ... I've been considered the center, while holding many seats.  I reveal your emotions & intellect, both the physical & the spiritual.  Yet you might swear with me. And some will cross me... But I could melt, or become hardened.  Sometimes real, sometimes not...  Restless when wrong.  Cured when open.  I'll sing for you, but best at keeping beat.  In need of silence to hear well.  Heavy or broken at times.  Despised, pierced, forgotten.  Still, without me there is no life; yet humble I am ...  What am I to you? Yes.  Now that February is here, time to remember it once again... The one & only heart!  After all, we do have Valentine’s Day right at the very center of the month; But it’s also "American Heart Month"... Indeed it is, ever since 1964 (50 years now!).   And although the news makes mention of it each year, I'm hoping you'll still consider reading on because there is a much bigger and