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Discovering a New Catholic Artist: Pavol Olsavsky

“Where Art Meets Your Soul” I enjoy discovering and promoting contemporary Catholic artists. Pavol Olsavsky III, a Slovakian-born artist, stepped out and contacted me after seeing my post,  Ladislav Zaborsky: Imprisoned for His Art.   Olsavsky has been influenced mainly by this Slovakian master, who just died before Christmas 2016. I can see Zaborsky’s influence in Olsavsky’s use of brilliant colours and light. continue

Praying the Passion With Michael O’Brien’s Art

Praying without words, using Michael O’Brien’s iconic art, allowed the Holy Spirit to speak straight to my heart. The phrase a “picture speaks a thousand words holds true.” continue 

Ladislav Záborský: Imprisoned for His Catholic Art

Living Catholic artist, Ladislav Záborský was sentenced in Slovakia for treason to seven years imprisonment in 1954 but was released on Christmas Eve 1957. His crime? He painted Christ as a worker in 1949.  His other religious art was labelled corrupt. While imprisoned, Ladislav felt as if his hands were nailed to the cross because he could not paint but only seek God in the depths of his soul.   He felt as if he was crucified because he could not walk where he wanted to.  In poems written after his release, Ladislav expressed the deep spiritual transformation which occurred during his imprisonment. The result of his inner crucifixion meant he no longer fulfilled his own desires but only sought God and His desires. continue reading

Spirituality in Paint:Catholic Artist Ladislav Zaborsky

I ran across paintings by the Catholic artist Ladislav Zaborsky this morning.  His art helped clarify and communicate my experiences with God because the essence of his work is linked to the experience of his inner life. Each painting is an attempt to discover God, eternity. He is a painter of spiritual light. “The substance of my work is the experience of God transferred into my heart (…) Art that seeks truth and beauty is the anticipation of eternity.” continue reading

Sandra Lubreto Dettori: Catholic Artist

Since faith influences every part of  Sandra Dettori’s life, she creates religious art. As a Catholic mom and artist, she loves images which bring  glory to God and  blessings to others. Sandra understands that beautiful religious art can uplift our spirit and our thoughts. Through her art, Sandra shares her faith with others and offers her talents to God. read and see more