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Women of the Bible I would Like to Meet:: Part 2::The Women at the Empty Tomb:: Joanna, Mary, and Mary Magdalene

There were two Mary's who  went to the empty tomb to finish the burial work of Jesus.  One was Mary Magdalene and the other was Mary, the mother of James and Joseph. Both of these women  had been at the cross with Jesus, Mary, His Mother, and John, and Joanna.  Mary Magdalene is the woman who was weeping in the garden who spoke to Jesus and didn't recognize Him at first in all His Glory. When I meet her at His Tomb, I would like to ask her so many questions about her meeting with Jesus. Of course, you were distraught over your Master's death.  How did you feel when you went to His tomb to finish His anointing for burial? Did you leave the home of Mary early to spare her the duty of finishing the burial rituals? What are your memories of the cross?  You must have wept with the other courageous women there? Read More Here at:: His Unending Love