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"On Heaven and Earth": A pope and a rabbi

(photo courtesy of It's a measure of my attachment to this six-and-a-half-hour-long audiobook that would listen to it in my driveway when coming home from my commute, and I felt sad this morning when I finished listening it on my drive to my high-school teaching job. This book is for anyone interested in issues of faith, of history and culture and on a friendship that shapes the life of the current Holy Father. Indeed, I found echoes of one of my friendships in theirs. Keep Reading...

Strengthening Your Family

 Through our baptism, we're called to be royal, priestly parents to our children, exercising our God-given authority with kindness and benevolence. When we truly understand the essence of our authority, we can be leaders and nurturers of our children and help them to become the nurturers and leaders of the future .~ from Strengthening Your Family by Marge Fenelon, p.176  I did a lot of babysitting when I was young and became quite proficient at handling other people's children. I wondered at some parents' inability to control their children in church and other public places, since I rarely had any problem getting my little charges to listen to me. There was no doubt in my mind that I would someday be a  model parent with model children, all sitting quietly in the pew with rapt attention. However, when I finally married, God in His wisdom saw fit to send me the most rambunctious little girl ever created, the kind of child who loves to perform in publi

Summer Reading?

Looking for something to while away a long journey? rather than trying to find some gold among the dross of modern popular books how about a few vintage suggestions, we could all recomend an old favorite that can be bought cheaply via ebay or amazon (other cheap sources are available) This is a lovely old book I have read and re-read, I expect a few of yopu have too? this is a picture of the dust jacket my first copy had!