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You CAN Help Jesus Save Souls

Surprised? An important part of our Christian duty is to fulfill our mandate to help Jesus save our brothers and sisters. Our Father gave His children a very important part to play in the redemption of their brothers and sisters. History is filled with amazing stories of conversion, where Jesus Christ uses the prayers of God’s children and applies them to what Christians call a “change of heart”. It’s true, I believe, that God gives every soul many chances to turn away from sin and accept His love for them.  So, why do some souls reject God’s attempts at drawing them to Himself? We are responsible, because we are not giving God what He needs to convert all the souls that reject Him.  The more we pray for conversions, the more Jesus can do to help lost souls. Christians are called by Jesus to help their brothers and sisters in many different ways. But none are as important as helping Jesus save souls; for this is the “bottom line” of a soul’s eternal existence.