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Aurora Borealis: Echoes of the Divine

============================================================================ There is nothing more haunting on a chilly northern night, than to catch a glimpse of  the brilliant northern lights. All over Canada, even in Eastern Ontario, we will catch a glimpse of them once again, even more colourful than usual for us in the south of the country. I have glimpsed the aurora borealis a few times. The vibrant hues are fleeting. Colours of green, red and purple quickly waltz across the sky, but it’s one breathtaking moment I will never forget. Yukon Artist Libby Dulac: northern lights  kiss in her painting “Light of Life” Apparently, if you are quiet and attentive in the Canadian countryside, it is possible to not only see the Northern Lights but to  hear  them.  According to a friend, the aurora borealis  sounds like a  whispered zing .  To me it seems like it would be like listening to an  echo of the divine, singing joyful praise through the universe. “The voice of the auro