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Aurora Borealis: Echoes of the Divine

============================================================================ There is nothing more haunting on a chilly northern night, than to catch a glimpse of  the brilliant northern lights.All over Canada, even in Eastern Ontario, we will catch a glimpse of them once again, even more colourful than usual for us in the south of the country. I have glimpsed the aurora borealis a few times. The vibrant hues are fleeting. Colours of green, red and purple quickly waltz across the sky, but it’s one breathtaking moment I will never forget. Apparently, if you are quiet and attentive in the Canadian countryside, it is possible to not only see the Northern Lights but to hear them.  According to a friend, the aurora borealis  sounds like a whispered zing. To me it seems like it would be like listening to an echo of the divine,singing joyful praise through the universe.“The voice of the aurora is still a great mystery,” added Ned Rozell, in an Alaska Science Forum. read more>