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Memento Mori and The Beatitudes: How Each Reminds Us Of Our Ultimate Goal

Wow. That quote says it all, doesn't it? St. Paul told the Corinthians to not just look at today, but look ahead to eternal life; to PLAN for eternal life. I am amazed at how words written so long ago still speak to us today in the 21st century. As I listened to this scripture reading, I kept thinking " Memento Mori "..."Remember your death". We have no idea when our lives on this earth will end so we must prepare for it with every waking breath. St. Paul urged them to be ready and to not procrastinate...just as he's telling us today.     CLICK HERE TO READ MORE..

Whispers in the Pew, Part 3

Immaculate Heart of Mary - CHRISTMASTIME by Mark Knobil (2007) via  FLICKR , CC Feeling conflicted about navigating the sudden CROWDS at church this Christmas? Thinking about coming to church for the first time in a while? Be not afraid! There's room for everyone. Today's post continues the series on what happens in the liturgy, and why we're all essential to what happens there. "Keep Your Fork!" Join me at Praying with Grace !

Whispers in the Pew, Part 2

When my son Paul was a toddler, his favorite book was “The Pig in the Pond.” It’s one of those books where each page complicates the plot by adding a farm animal and, of course, the sound it makes. The first time I read the book aloud, I mimicked the animal sounds with gusto and enhanced the experience by shouting and jumping at the appropriate times. Paul was hooked, and I was doomed: from then on—no matter how exhausted I was or how many times I had read the book that evening—that story required hugely energetic noises and movements. The way we share stories matters. At every Mass, we share our story. The Liturgy of the Word invites us into Jewish Scripture, the Psalms, the letters of the apostles, and the Gospel. Every Sunday reminds us of our universal human story: we are created tenderly by God, but we are not God. Because we tend to sin, God lovingly sent his Son into the world to accompany us, teach us, suffer for us and save us. This is our story. And the way we sh

Behind the Worship Curtain

Catholic author Nancy Carabio Belanger has posted an incredible blog about worship. Nancy is a talented writer whose books for tweens (Olivia and the Little Way; Olivia's Gift) are the kind that draw kids in, build them up and encourage kids without being too sugary-sweet or--hold onto your hats--without introducing vampires and witches! Anyhow, in Nancy's current blogpost, she pulls back the curtain on Catholic worship and makes some increidble points--well worth our time for reflection this Lent. Enjoy. Cheryl Dickow