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The Body Remembers

What I am about to explain might seem strange at first but we all know that it is true, we just do not usually talk about it. The body remembers.The body remembers tension and stress which for me was the stress of running a household of eleven people and my muscles stored that tension. Now that my youngest is in university, body has not quite caught up to my new reality.The result is that I am still tense, rushing to squeeze in some time to write when in fact, God has graciously handed me hours of the day where I am free. I am free to write, pray, even relax and enjoy the acres of land the surround our old house. The subconscious too needs time to unwind long after the conscious mind has grappled with the past, let go of memories and forgiven. Then there are the pre-verbal, non-verbal parts of my soul that cannot be cajoled into coming out of their cave. Any sign of control or manipulation sends them scurrying back into hidingthey take the longest to warm up in the light and warmth