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Patriotic Rosary

I will openly admit that I drove myself—and my husband—a bit crazy in the 2008 election cycle. I’m not sure why since I had never, ever been that impassioned about an election. Specifically, the pro-life issue mattered to me in a whole new, surprising way. I also turned 50 that year so I’d like to place some of the blame on that fact—but who knows for sure. This year I decided to do my best to keep my passions, emotions, and opinions more to myself. I wasn’t going to write dozens of articles and try to convince anyone of anything. Depending on where you sit in the political arena, that either sounds cowardly if you are a passionate pro-life citizen or that sounds perfectly fine if you aren’t much into politics and feel that it is always “the lesser of two evils” anyhow. As things heat up this 2012 election cycle, I admit that it isn’t easy for me to sit on the sidelines; but sit I have been. Let me clarify that: I sit on the sidelines while I do the Patriotic Rosary—one o