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Finding God in Infants and Icons

I was shocked the first time that I experienced the love of God through an infant. Years ago, I had been struggling to centre myself in the Lord’s presence while I nursed one of my babies. I was tired, actually I was exhausted and felt completely depleted when an unexpected flow of heat, the fire of God’s love flowed into me. Joy bubbled up, I started smiling, felt invigorated, my head cleared and all the tension left my muscles. I heard these words, silently within me.” “I move how I want, when I want. You cannot control my Spirit or manipulate me because I am the Lord of your spirituality, not you. And at this moment, I choose to move through the most open soul here, your infant. She is my daughter, made in my image. Relax. Humble yourself and let me heal you through your baby. Lost Innocents: Miscarriage Icons

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Icons: Wordless Wisdom

The more I study icons, the more they draw me into the heart of God. Of course this is exactly the reason an iconographer prays and paints.  He paints with, through and in the Holy Spirit so that everyone who gazes on his icon with an open heart will be touched by God.

The enduring spiritual power of icons. Icons have been objects of faith, controversy and fascination for centuries. 
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