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Laughing Through The Transformation?

Discovering that it is possible to become Christ’s presence on earth was an epiphany for my husband and me about 30 years ago. We suddenly understood that resurrected life  was not just for a few saints.  Every normal Christian can come to the point where they shout with St. Paul,              “No longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me.” What an awesome thought, mind-boggling, actually. We should be begging Christ to complete His work in us. So, I f this journey is so exciting, why do many of us experience periods of depression and anxiety?  continue reading

Kids + Pets= Joyful Spirituality

Money might have been tight in our large family and life a bit messy but our lives were filled with activity and fun because God’s creatures were part of our lives. Animals helped transform us into a playful and joyful family who sensed the Love of God in, with and through our pets. continue reading