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Build Friendships, Not Enemies

If you’ve been reading most of my posts this month, you might have noticed that I am on a divisiveness awareness streak. February is supposed to be the month of love. Yet, in our country, I’m feeling anything but the love. All I see on the news, related to politics, is name-calling and bickering. Well, I’ve had enough of it! It’s time to build friendships, not enemies. Did you know that friendliness is a virtue? With what we see on the news lately, I would say that friendliness has become obsolete in the Halls of Congress and across the Trump administration. This attitude of unfriendliness permeates throughout our society, as well. It’s very easy to give people ugly nicknames on Twitter, or at a rally; thus, demeaning and dehumanizing them. However, it takes great strength to sit across the table from someone with whom you disagree with politically, and choose to find common ground upon which you can build friendships. The citizens of our country seem to lack the strength (anothe