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Fortnight for Freedom

On June 21 (through July 4) begins the third annual  Fortnight for Freedom .  This year's theme is the Freedom to Bear Witness. Please read the rest of the article at Being Catholic ... Really .

Fortnight for Freedom activities for the whole family

The Family of St. Thomas More by Rowland (Wikipedia). Here are 10 activities you can do as a family to support religious freedom and true marriage in the two weeks between June 21 and July 4. You can do all these even in a diocese with no scheduled events. 1. Pray the family Rosary. Pray the Luminous Mysteries together for the recognition of marriage as one man and one woman. Pray the glorious mysteries for the protection of our God-given right to religious freedom. 2. Make an extra visit to the Adoration chapel. This is a great opportunity to introduce your children to Eucharistic Adoration, or bring them back if they haven’t gone for a long time. Make this a special trip for the intentions of the Fortnight for Freedom. Don’t worry if you can only stay ten minutes with all the little ones. 3. Watch and discuss A Man for All Seasons. June 22 is the feast of Saints Thomas More and John Fischer (also Corpus Christi this year). Learn about the saint who died for