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Madonna del Soccorso

Another repost  from Costing Not Less Than Everything - I was ever so slightly furious when I wrote this but tried to be measured...update at the bottom. And for non-UK readers, we've had several unpleasant scandals of  late. And, no doubt, sadly, plenty more to come. I was discussing with some neighbours the Jimmy Saville matter and the Justin Lee Collins matter and the way in which, in previous decades, our mothers and grandmothers were the protectors of the family, figures of righteous wrath often belittled and derided by comedians and entertainers. So, 'Our Lady of the Rolling Pin' was vaguely on my mind when I wandered out on a sunny Sunday afternoon and walked straight into someone else’s nightmare. A young woman had found herself utterly alone and in great distress.  I sat with her in a cafe for the time it took for her mother to drive from Yorkshire to London to pick her up. Sad to say, but she was lucky she had a mother who would do that for her child.