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Deciding How to Pick a Lenten Devotional Journal

Photo courtesy of Pexels It's getting harder and harder to  decide what to pick for my Lenten Devotional Journal.  Who's with me? There are so many to choose from and not enough time to do it all. How do you decide? For me, there's the huge issue of "FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out); I see some that look really great on social media and I want to get them all. Unfortunately, Lent is only 40 days; last year it seemed to fly by. I wasn't ready for it to end because I enjoyed my Lenten journey. Just a few short years ago I had trouble finding a Catholic Journal. There were plenty of Protestant Journals but none that were specific for Catholics. I think the first one I found was from  Blessed is  She . Now it seems like I get an offer for a different one every other day. Oh, sure, you can do your own journal by reading the Daily Mass Readings and writing down your thoughts (which is basically what I've started doing) but to me, Lent is different. I want a litt

A Lenten Overachiever (CWBN Blog Hop)

The Lent 2017 Kickoff Here we are at the beginning of another Lent.  I am not sure when my Lenten love affair began, but I can tell you that it is currently in full bloom!   I feel energized during this time of sacrifice. The  grace  of a Christian world praying, fasting and helping others in order to strengthen their relationship with Christ, is exciting! This year, as I contemplated what areas of my life could use  a booster shot of faith  - 6 ideas came to me.  Being the overachiever that I am - instead of picking and choosing, I'm going to do my best to rock all of 6 them!

Preparing For Our Lenten Journey

Well, I may not be incredibly creative but I am a good gatherer of information! I have pulled some resources together to share some great Lenten ideas. You can see the post here . Have a blessed Lent and Easter~ Jen