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Vacations and Virtue: 7 Resolutions For Coping with Summer Overload

Ahhh....summer vacation - long relaxing days at the pool, followed by barbecues, late nights and no schedules.  Sounds like a dream - right? Yes and no. If the overload of summer fun along with its corresponding lack of routine is getting you down, you are not alone.  Here are 7 suggestions for managing summer overload without turning into the poolside version of the Grinch! Read more here....

Name That Summer!

© Ron Chapple Stock/Getty Images It was 3:07 on a glorious afternoon in late May. I was sitting in my car with the power turned off and the windows wide open. The baby was dozing in her car seat while we waited in the car line for the school bell to ring, signifying the end of another busy school year and the beginning of sweet, sweet summer. Read my unique tip for enjoying summer with your children at Praying with Grace !

Our winter vacation in New York City

My daughter and I traveled to New York City for our winter vacation.  If you read my blog, you probably read my post,  My fear of flying . To read how I conquered my fear and see the photo gallery, please visit Being Catholic ... Really .

O Star of Bethlehem, Bring Us to The Savior

It is said that Christ left the sand dollar as a symbol to help the evangelists teach the faith. The five holes commemorate the five wounds of Christ, while at the center on one side blooms the Easter Lily, and at the lily’s heart is the Star of Bethlehem . The Christmas poinsettia is etched on the other side, a reminder of Christ’s birth. According to this legend, if you break the centre, five white doves will be released to spread goodwill and peace. It wasn’t long enough. My vacation, I mean. It’s the only time I gave myself permission to ….STOP….thinking, worrying, rehearsing, perplexing about the moment to moment grind of life. I took an assignment with me: All the books I wanted to catch up on reading, but never had enough time. They sat, by the nightstand—just like they do at home, but in this, their rest was purposeful. This had a message for me. What is it about the sea that captivates me so? It’s beauty? Yes, but the mountains cry out the Majesty of the Creator and I love the