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It’s that time of that year again when girls groups are starting in home settings and Catholic parishes. We’ve received many exciting inquires about the new release of  All Things Girl: Friends, Fashion and Faith  and wanted to share these two excerpts as an example of what you will find in the book for Catholic tween girls and the  accompanying journal .  The Table of Contents is also offered here. And if I can be of any help, please just let me know! Having a Soul Gives You Inherent Dignity… Joan  lives in a neighborhood where the houses are huge and everyone has a pool. Katie lives in a neighborhood where some of the houses have broken windows and lots of kids share bedrooms. Which person has more dignity? Tamar  is from the Middle East and has olive skin, she speaks with a thick accent. Mary has long, beautiful brunette hair and perfect skin. Betty is chubby and has greasy hair. Gertrude is skinny and cuts her own hair. Which girl h