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Playing by Heart, by Carmela Martino - Book Review

In  Playing by Heart , by Carmela Martino, we meet two gifted sisters. The story,  set in 1730’s, Milan, Italy, introduces us to Maria, a gifted linguist, mathematician and speaker. Her sister, Emilia, excels at playing and composing music, as well as singing. Where Maria shines in knowledge of the sciences, Emilia glistens in the arts. In 1730’s Italy, it was rare to come across educated females. We find that the girls father’s long held desire to gain a noble title, drives the entire story; propelling the girls into situations that a young lady of the 21 st  century would never need to confront. In the 1730’s, for example, parents arranged the marriages of their children. Young ladies had little to no say about who they would spend the remainder of their lives with as a wife. They found themselves married in their late teens. So, Maria and Emilia were approaching the age when their father would desire to marry them off to suitable husbands. Yet, Maria wants to become a nun. Emi