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Can we learn something from the modern day hermits?

Modern day hermits bringing back an ancient tradition The Archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky has agreed to receive the Life Vow to be a hermit from a Bardstown man next November. Our pastor being a canon lawyer was given the task of researching the Church's canons regarding accepting hermits in a diocese. When he related this story with me, it piqued my interest in this form of consecrated life outside of religious communties, and how it is lived in today's world. Definitely, a path less taken by men and women called to devote their lives to the praise of God and salvation of the world through a stricter separation from the world. The consecrated life of a hermit is also part of the Anglican Church tradition, and other Christian denominations. An article in the New York Times talks about a city dweller named Richard Withers who chooses the life of a religious hermit: The reverent Brother Withers bows to a joyful friend. NYT Richard Withers does not fit the popular ima