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Beware! Blind Spot Ahead

Behind wheels, one of the most dangerous spots on the road is the blind spot. One needs to accept that one cannot see ahead and throw caution to the winds. So it is with a personal spirituality. Read on at

Taking the Next Good Step! …on Road of Teleios by Way of “Route 66″

Here I am… on the road again! …to “take the next good step” (as Fr. Groeschel dearly liked to say), in moving forward towards a much better place of health & holiness— to where I’ve been called to go, still with the help of some very good friends. [Thank God for friends in high places!] And now that I’m getting back on Route again (after being held up in bit of a jam this summer!), I’ve become quite alert these days to the important connection between Route “66” [ The Route 66 Challenge™ ] and that of Teleios [ that's Greek to me :) ...Greek, that is, for “perfect”]—to take the next good step in answering the call by Jesus to “be perfect” [Mt.5:48]—because we are not on a ' road to nowhere' !   But, Lord, this really sounds like the type of call I’d normally hang up on! …Thankfully, though, I’ve held on for it instead—because this call by Jesus isn’t being made to lead us to discouragement or to a state of hopelessness … …Let’s go