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Less Perfectionism-More Peace (And Joy!)

I have been working on letting go of perfectionism for years. Last week with my little ones help I was able to actually let go a little. See how here ! Blessings to you, Jen

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

Did I say “confession”?  I'm sorry... I must have been mistaken (!), but I have found that having a sense of humor is very helpful to me!  I just wanted to talk a little today, though,  about a potentially big issue for many of us.  It's about the matter of an “ All-or-Nothing ” approach—because, unfortunately, this approach can have some very negative consequences at times that relate directly to our health & wellness. Now THAT would be A MISTAKE THAT TRULY MATTERS! It’s just that waiting to be able to do something the “right” way , or at the "right" time , with 100% effort & compliance [such as with a diet & exercise program], can easily mean never getting started at all— Or, if we have already begun, it might cause us to 100% give up! My Note to Self--EF So, on that note, I spotted a recent story in the news [noted below] that offers encouragement for positive perseverance, even when we think we can’t give it our “ALL”… A healthy message f