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Theology of the Body Building Blocks for Tots

Children learn by doing. Take sharing, for example. Here’s what doesn’t work: Son, I’ve asked you to sit down with me today to discuss the multifaceted benefits of sharing, both for the individual who shares and for the community concerned with fairness. I realize you’re only two years old  [stop chewing on that electric cord, please],  but I believe even you can learn to appreciate why  [seriously, that’s dangerous–put down the cord]  sharing will enrich your young life. Here’s what works better: [Prying toy out of two-year-old’s death grip]  Honey, we’re going to give this little girl a turn with the toy. Why don’t you sing the ABC song with me? When we’re done with the song, she’ll give the toy back so you can have another turn. The detached exploration of abstract principles has its place, but typically not with young children. Children are concrete thinkers. Effective parents embrace that fact and use immediate, hands-on opportunities to help children grow. Some people h