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A gift from our Mother of Guadalupe for beaten Mexico. (Spanish) Regalo de la Guadalupana para nuestro México golpeado.

No podría llegar en un momento más acertado este regalo de nuestra Madre a nuestro país que se encuentra más dividido que nunca. AdEmás de estar sitiado por los delincuentes y mafias que cobran vidas por doquier con una impunidad que alarma. Hermano contra hermano en el camino que debe de seguir nuestro país para conseguir la paz y el desarrollo para todos. Hermano que abusa del prójimo sin miramiento... Y el mejor remedio lo viene a proponer y regalar María de Guadalupe que ha hecho suya esta Tierra desde que se apareció en 1531: la conversión de cada corazón a través del perdón de Dios. Con ocasión de los 125 años de la coronación de nuetra Madre de Guadalupe, el Papa Francisco ha otorgado un Año Jubilar e Indulgencia Plenaria de perdón y conversión para la nación mexicana. leer más...  

St. Longinus, Murderer for Hire

One day at OLPH I was praying the Stations of the Cross for those that kill or murder for money.  I don't remember what inspired me to do this, but I was praying and begging God to turn these people back to Him, to open their eyes to what they were doing to their soul.  For just slips of printed paper... TO READ MORE: CLICK HERE. 

Unbridled Grace by Dr. MIchael Norman, reviewed by Nancy HC Ward

Fresh out of medical school, Dr. Michael Norman answered a 2-line ad for a part-time job three days a week in a medical clinic to supplement his fledging private chiropractic practice in Carrollton. He managed all the medical clients and paperwork and his two bosses handled the office management and business accounts. After less than two years this young husband and father received a subpoena to testify in a civil lawsuit brought by an insurance company against the two owners who were Taiwanese and Russian. Michael soon discovered their connection with the Russian Mafia. Shockingly, the network of multinational and multimillion dollar illegal businesses of check cashing, money laundering, staged auto accidents and insurance fraud involved hundreds of lawyers, businessmen and criminals. Michael’s signature was not only on all the medical documents but appeared on corporate documents as part owner. He obediently testified against his employers at the deposition with the insurance