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"Not My Son Lord"

One of the greatest mysteries in scripture is the hidden Mother.  One of the greatest of these is... TO READ MORE CLICK HERE. 

Schindler's List / Penance! Penance! Penance!

God speaks to us in many ways, leading us to who we are truly supposed to be.  Most people, push away the harder, more eternal truths because frankly, they are quite terrifying.   God is far more terrifying than the devil ever thought about being.   Most people are like the German's that lived around the Death Camps during WWII, vaguely aware of what the real truth is, but pushing it away because it would interfere with their everyday lives and security.  People hate change and few will embrace it even for themselves, nevertheless for the good of another.    But some will, even at great risk to themselves .  T hese brave souls are needed even today.    You see, what happened in Schindler's list is happening even today... .TO READ MORE...CLICK HERE.

The Angelic Visitor

The hardest story to tell is the story that happened today. Today, December 12th is the day my husband died in 2008.   But this is a story that needs to be told because it is also the story of a visit by an angel. Highlands Regional Hospital, Prestonsburg, KY :   My beloved was dying.  The doctor told me there was nothing to be done other than put him on a respirator, which Terry had told me several times he did not wish to ever be put on a respirator.  I was completely.. ..TO READ MORE...CLICK HERE.

Conversation With My Guardian Angel

Driving Home from Work. Suddenly I had such a feeling of appreciation of all the times that I had been protected by my Guardian Angel and Saint Michael the Archangel.  I thought I would give thanks to God.  Me:  "Z, my Angel, I know how God has allowed you to protect me in the past when I have gone to battle for souls that are lost, and I thank God and you for this gift.  For  Z, you know I will go to battle again soon, as God wills it." Z: "I will be there."  Me: "I know, and I appreciate that." Z:  "It is not by your appreciation that I serve."  TO READ MORE...CLICK HERE! 

What Angels Are...And Are Not

There isn’t anyone among us who hasn’t enjoyed a Christmas movie wherein an angel earns his or her wings. We love to hear the bell jingle because at that moment we know that heaven’s angel population has increased by one. Wrong. As much as those movies endear themselves to us, the fact is, the angel population neither increases nor decreases over time. But it does make those of us interested in angels sit up and take notice—and want to learn more about these heavenly creatures. What are they? Who are they? Why are they? Angels are spirits created by God (Colossians 1:16, Hebrews 1:14). They are the invisible created things that have a hierarchy. These invisible created things are spirits meant to serve those who are to inherit salvation—fallen man who now freely chooses Christ. This establishes our relationship with angels in that they are to help us in ways that we may not fully know or understand; however, we shouldn’t be trying to discover how to boss them

Using Your Guardian Angel Effectively (For the Feast!)

One of God's greatest gifts to us is our Guardian Angel.  He is assigned to us at our conception, and is with us throughout our whole life.  But our Guardian Angel is more than just to protect us various mishaps or evil persons that seek to hinder or even do damage to us.  To know how to effectively communicate with and receive from our Guardian angel all that God wishes us to have, then we have to know more who our Guardian Angel is.  Who Is He?,,,read more here.