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Give Up: Become a Saint

  All Saints Day celebrates the lives of all Christians  who have died in a state of grace. This was the first All Saints Day that I could commemorate my newly discovered patron Saint Melania!!! However, holiness is for every baptized person, regardless of personality type, career, age, race, or marital status. Leon Bloy, a French Catholic writer, once said  “the only tragedy in life is not to become a saint.”  Holiness is about realizing our deepest, greatest potential, becoming who we were truly destined to be. The problem is most of us go about becoming saints all the wrong way! We try too hard using our natural energy, concentrating on our own piety, discipline and not on the saving power of Jesus Christ. In fact the best way to become holy is to quit trying so hard.  I discovered that I just got in God's way.  WHEN I ADMIT DEFEAT, GOD HAS A CHANCE TO SAVE ME FROM MYSELF Surrender, giving up control however is the hardest thing for humans to