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Tis a New Season (Part III): Greeting − and Meeting − our Next Challenge (with More Tips to Nourish By)

Our CHALLENGE #2:  PEOPLE!  Yes, many different people :  F amily members, Friends, Co-workers, even Strangers this time of year... In many different ways , from subtle & sweet to downright aggressive & controlling ... [People-Pressure] From people who may wish to be supportive of our desire to do things differently [more healthfully], but don't really understand how to be of help; to others who may actually discourage or sabotage our efforts, preferring we didn't change our ways, even though such changes would be for our ultimate good. Yet, if we only had to meet this challenge just once in a rare while, such as on Christmas day, it really wouldn’t be a big issue at all.  But for many of us, however, it’s a challenge that we must often face, several times a week or even daily, especially during this season, from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, which is why Challenge #2 can be the problem  that's been taking “option C” out of t