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When Disasters Happen: A Father Ignatuis Story by Victor S.E. Moubarak

UBI CARITAS ET AMOR. DEUS IBI EST. When disasters happen. “We interrupt this programme to bring you a News Flash …” blared the radio in the kitchen. Father Ignatius stopped his cooking for a minute and listened attentively. There had been a train crash not far from where he lived. Somehow the train was de-railed and fell down a steep embankment into a nearby river. There were a number of casualties as well as many injuries. The priest rang the emergency number given by the radio announcer to enquire how he might help. He was asked to go to the local hospital to donate blood, and also to help comfort some of the not seriously wounded. An hour or so later he was consoled that many of the town’s folk had responded to the appeal and a long queue had formed to donate blood.  continue reading >