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A Baker's Dozen: Thirteen Words Every Catholic Should Know

It makes perfect sense to call the thirteen words every Catholic must know a “Baker’s dozen.”  Christ, after all, used such references as “yeast” and “leavening,” in his parables. So, with yeast as the foundation of baking, these thirteen words, when part of the Catholic’s every day journey, will grow and expand into a vibrant and exciting understanding of faith. Redemptive Suffering What do you want to hear first: the good news or the bad news? The good news is that Jesus suffered and died for us. He bore our wounds, his stripes healed us. The bad news is that this does not eliminate suffering in the world. Enter the often misunderstood teaching of “redemptive suffering.” This isn’t to say that what Christ suffered was insufficient or lacking; rather, redemptive suffering is the ability to be a co-worker of Christ’s. It is the anointed opportunity to join your own difficulties and afflictions with Christ’s for the sake of others. It is the beautiful way