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Which is Better? The Masculine or The Feminine?

Saint John Paul II states in Mulieris Dignatem "Each woman inherits her femininity as an expression of the image and likeness of God that is hers."  We could say likewise about each man's masculinity.   Therefore, when man or woman thinks that one is somehow "less than" the other, they are also showing disdain for that which is part of the essence of God.    Masculinity and femininity, fully expressed, can teach mankind much about it's relationship to God and to each other.  Humanity suffers when women choose to squelch their feminine virtues in favor of masculine ones.   It also suffers when men feel they have to hide their masculine traits in our feminized culture.  The fact is, that the best of both  masculine and feminine virtues should be developed in both men and women rather than one in favor of the other.  Their expression, however, will differ.  St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) wrote  " Christ embodies

Tis a New Season (Part IV) – A New Year – A New Day…

A NEW BEGINNING! [with MATTERS TO NOURISH BY] Time, then, to look at what CHALLENGE #3 shall be:  It's actually you ! Can you believe it?  Chances are, at some point (especially early on), your own self will start to betray your desire for change, and will challenge your ability to continue on your New & Improved Way. This is because our mindset & emotions & thoughts can either work for us or against us. STRESS – BOREDOM – WEARINESS – LONELINESS – SADNESS – ANGER – WORRY – even HAPPINESS So it’s very important for us to recognize & address it… To take action; and talk back to the negative voice within that keeps saying things like: BUT IT DOES MATTER . New Season – New Year – New Day – New Way ! FOUR more TIPS for 2014 are... ► Click HERE to Read More on "The Way to Nourish for Life" including The Little Way.