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Out with Them All - Reaction to the Grand Jury Report

This post is going to be too strong for some people but it's as honest as I get in my writing. I'm fed up with Catholics ignoring the scandals in our church. There's an old saying: if you do what you've always done, you will get what you always have. If we keep ignoring the scandal, keep refusing to question our leaders about these matters, we're going to have the same old, same old scandal and sin plagued church. I, for one, have had enough. My post for today on the Philadelphia Grand Jury report .

Providence in the Chaos of Scandal

I stopped believing in coincidences long ago. Our God is not a god of chaos, but a God of order. My heart and my stomach are hurting from reading excerpts of the grand jury report out of Pennsylvania. Horror and betrayal are probably the words that most accurately describe my emotions. It seems like each time we think, “okay, it can’t get worse”, it does. It gets so much worse. And sad to say, this seems to just be the beginning. While we as a Church have spent the last day in anger and mourning, today we are celebrating the great Solemnity of the Assumption. Today is one of the few remaining Holy Days of Obligation on the Church’s calendar. We the faithful are commanded to attend Mass today to pay homage to Our Lady. This is not a coincidence. Read more at Messy Buns & Latin Chant