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Overwhelmed with Prejudice? Consider Disinterestedness

We all experience prejudice. Sometimes we deliver it, and sometimes we receive it. Either way – not good. Sometimes prejudice is unconscious and not deliberate. Yet, for the person on the receiving end – there’s no difference. The pain caused by such vitriolic speech, and behavior, still stings. In our society, and across the world, this insidious behavior is rapidly on the rise; becoming acceptable in our discourse. And that, is totally unacceptable. Prejudice is not restricted to rearing its ugly head only in cases of race, gender or sexual orientation. Oh no – it can be far more subtle, yet just as insidious as the more overt expressions. For example: When you consider yourself superior in intelligence to someone else simply because you have a degree and the other does not. You express prejudice against that person. You discount what that person contributes. What does he/she know? When you consider yourself superior in status because you have a lovely home, and the other do