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In Honor of the GREEN... in Forty − even Fifty Shades!

I promised more COLOR ,   didn't I? ...then what a perfect time to give GREEN its due!    After all, this month brought us the Feast of Saint Patrick (with all its St. Paddy festivities, of course), and now the start of a new season in life!  Yes, Spring has officially sprung here---with shades of grey long dead (!)... So thinking green , seeing green , and anticipating much more green has come quite naturally lately.  And that's something good for us [body, mind & spirit!] and something that involves our food, as well, for all year long.  But if, however, our desire for the color green [from plant foods, that is] has been lost, or maybe never found, let us do something about it now − in this new season, on, for life!  And hopefully, as we come to know these many shades of green, we will see good reason to fall in love with them for their ability to help − to actually do the body good, rather than harm; to foster wellness, rather than disease... And that we will find