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John the Baptist: Saint, Exemplar of Virtue

Today we remember the Passion of Saint John the Baptist, who gave his life as a martyr for the sake of moral truths. The backdrop leading up to his death presented much scandal and deceit. It started with a warning by John the Baptist to Herod that Herod should not have taken up with Herod’s own sister-in-law (the wife of Herod’s own brother, Philip). Rather than having John the Baptist killed for having the audacity to call Herod out, Herod placed him in prison. “Herod feared John, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man” (Mark 6:20). Yet Herodias, Philip’s wife and now Herod’s lover, had other designs. She wanted... Read more...

Who is your John the Baptist?

Who is your John the Baptist?  Who called you out of the desert and into faith?  Even if you are a cradle Catholic, was there someone in your life that influenced you so much, you were called to a deeper understanding of what being Catholic is?

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For me, the answer is my husband and lately my daughter has inspired me with her faith.  I am also blessed to have some great friends.

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