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Our Lady of the Roses - Guest Post by Janice Lane Palko

Today, I welcome Janice Lane Palko, who will tell us all about her new book,  Our Lady of the Roses . Janice, I turn over the website to you. How a Short Story Becomes a Novel Many writers look upon their books as their babies. If so, then my latest novel,  Our Lady of the Roses , was an unintended pregnancy. I didn’t set out to write this book, but as the late painter, Bob Ross, used to say, I’ve come to regard it as a “happy accident.” One of the marketing tips the experts advise authors to employ is to offer a free short story to readers to introduce them to the author’s writing style and entice them to purchase their other books. I’ve written many different things—articles, press releases, speeches, novels–but for some reason the short story eludes me. My short story always explodes into a novel. I don’t know why, but my main character soon acquires a best friend, backstory and complex story arc. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised when Janetta, who appeared as a secondary char

A Shepherd's Song, A Christmas Romance- Book Review

A Shepherd’s Song , by Janice Lane Palko, is a wonderful Christmas romance, set in snowy Pittsburgh, PA, on the campus of Three Rivers University. The lead character, Tom Shepherd, a declared atheist, finds more than romance, with Gloria Davidson, in this Christmas tale. Gloria, a devout Catholic, shines the light of true Christmas spirit directly into Tom Shepherd’s heart. What awaits him, is all that he ever desired: to love and to be loved. In the end, isn’t that what we all look for in this life: to love and be loved? What we learn at the start of the book is that Tom and his college roommate are... Read more...