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Unpaired Socks and Teachable Moments

Surrendering to the power of the Holy Spirit within our spirits can seem like a rather esoteric activity, something to talk about, write about, and perhaps pray about but not part of our daily lives but our inner and outer lives are intricately entwined. This means when I learnt how to let go of control in my inner life, it affected how I dealt with daily life. Example: how to deal with mismatched socks. continue

‘Tis A Gift To Be Simple

Why can we not stand in awe and live joyfully with mystery? I think we simply dislike our own vulnerability. We want to pretend we are in control and in the know. Life is the exact opposite. We can only bow in humility before the Almighty. continue reading

The Vacuum Cleaner Syndrome

Fallen man wants to run his own life and take control. Letting go of this control seems extremely difficult because it is hard to trust a God you cannot see and usually cannot feel or hear.  However, when we refuse to give up control and submit to the Father, we shut out the power of the Holy Spirit. Once we shut out the movement of the Spirit in our lives, we are left with only our own energy as we deal with our daily issues.  We are bereft, feeling like we must  fix our own problems and those around us. However,  man was not created to function like God. I think of it as acting like little vacuum cleaners sucking up everyone’s problems and pain when it is God’s job to purify us and our family in His power, mercy and grace. continue reading