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Hello, I'm new here, where do I go?

Hello, I am Ros, from over at shadowlands . The above photograph is how I would like to see us all, eventually, with Jesus. I know we also have to be mature and brave and grown-up, but that picture is my ideal Judgment Day encounter. A child, unafraid, with their Father. I am new to the Association. Welcome. Oh no, you all have to say that to me don't you? Sorry! As you can see, I am rather scatterbrained but every now and then, I get thoughts that just have to be aired. I didn't know what to introduce myself with post wise but I do like to pray for priests (the rosary). I also blog about living life one day at a time, one hour at a time. I like worship music and the thought of us ALL being welcomed into glory. Does that sound a bit protestant? I can sound a bit proddy at times, I had a bit of a Baptist upbringing mingled with pentecostals and charismatic smatterings and I love C S Lewis, feel like I know him actually! Not in a terribly clever way, just amateurishly nostalgic