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The Warrior is a Child

I am especially inspired every time I hear the song “The Warrior Is a Child,”  especially the line that says, “Deep inside this armor, the warrior is a child.” It is true and touches the heart of everyone who keeps on fighting the good fight of life, trying to be brave and strong, standing tall and proud in facing  life’s challenges and travails. But at the end of the day, we are down on our knees as we pray to God and call Him our Father, needing His love, comfort and grace. The greatness of a child lies not in his appearance, but in the disposition of his heart. A child is always open to explore new things and learns from his experiences. As we grow older, we accumulate lessons and valuables in life that sometimes we do not want to trade or risk with new ones. We become too attached to our possessions and entitlements that we forget that, in the end, we come to God with only our bare selves. read more>