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The Calm Before the Storm: Holy Monday

Yesterday, we heard the Passion of the Lord from Luke 22:14 to 23:56. With every reading of the Passion, we relive, with Jesus, His humiliation, passion and death. With today being Holy Monday, we reside in the calm before the storm of a turbulent Holy Thursday and Good Friday. So, today, might seem like any other day. Yet, it is different. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the chief priests and scribes witnessed the crowd’s love for Jesus. This appreciation for Jesus made the chief priests and scribes feel uncomfortable – to the point where they began to plot Jesus’ death. They feared the rise and adulation of Jesus would deter devout Jews from the proper worship of God. They didn’t understand who Jesus really was and saw Jesus as a mere man professing to be the Son of God. Therefore, the chief priests met with Judas to make their plans to bring about Jesus’ demise. Assess Your Calm Before the Storm During this calm before the storm, today would be a good day to assess our own l