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Giving Thanks is Rather Easy!

On this day before Thanksgiving, I would like to wish you, and yours, a very Happy Thanksgiving. At this time of year, we take some time to count our blessings and show our appreciation for loved ones, near and far. Giving thanks to God for all His bountiful blessings is the right thing to do. Yet, we should not reserve giving thanks to one day out of the year. Giving Thanks in Your Morning Offering God is gracious to us every day. Every morning, as we wake, the first thing we should do is give thanks for this day. You can make it part of your morning offering to God. What is a morning offering you might ask? I use the acronym ACTS to describe a morning offering. A stands for Adoration. A simple prayer will do: I adore you, Oh Lord. C stands for Contrition. An Act of Contrition will do nicely. T stands for Thanksgiving. This is where you count your blessings, giving thanks to God for His goodness. S stands for... Read more...